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Hey friends, thanks for taking the time to check out my work!

I grew up in a small farming community in Northern Illinois and was very active in 4-H and FFA my whole childhood.

Since 2012, I have been blessed to call Western Kentucky home. I have a full time job in the animal agriculture industry and my husband is a crop and cattle farmer. I am an animal lover through and through.

I have always viewed myself as pretty crafty and creative so leatherwork was just another avenue to express some of that. I started leatherwork around 2010. Things have slowly evolved from there into the Flyin A you see today. My style is a modest traditional western style. It’s for the cattle men and women, cowboys and cowgirls, country folks and the everyday lover of handmade leather goods.

I take pride in my craftsmanship and would be honored to make you a quality, handmade piece you can be proud to own for years to come.

xoxo Annalisa

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